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What To Expect If You Have A Case

Evaluating and hiring an injury attorney usually involves a initial consultation, which most attorneys provide free of charge. Many attorneys also provide free transportation to and from their offices, to make the process as convenient as possible for the client.

During the initial consultation, your attorney will want to collect as much information as possible relating to the incident surrounding your accident or injury. This includes information regarding your medical treatment, who was involved in the accident, any witnesses, your insurance coverage, as well as thorough information about circumstances that resulted in your accident or injury. The attorney will also usually discuss the costs of the case and the legal fees that you can expect.

  • The attorney may ask you to sign medical release forms so that they can have access to your medical records
  • In choosing an attorney, make sure that their experience fits your circumstances
  • Be sure to discuss all of your legal options during the consultation
  • Come prepared - write down all of the circumstances that led to your injury
Step 2:
An Attorney Will Investigate

After you choose an attorney and have signed a retainer contract, they will begin investigating your case in a process called "discovery." There are 3 forms of discovery - written, document production and depositions.

Written discovery involves Interrogatories, which are just questions about the facts of your case. Document discovery is the gathering of any documents related to your case, electronic or printed. Any party has the right to see documents that are related to a case. Depositions are sworn statements, and you can likely expect to be deposed to get the facts.

  • Discovery can be long and expensive in complicated cases, such as medical malpractice
  • Be honest! Lying in a deposition is a sure way to lose a case
Step 3:
Deciding Whether to Settle

Settlement is when the person who is filing the lawsuit agrees not to pursue legal action in return for an agreed upon amount of money. Most lawsuits end in settlement. In deciding whether or not to settle, there are many factors to consider:

  • What are your chances of winning at trial?
  • How expensive it will be to pursue legal action and how long litigation will last
  • How much your attorney thinks you can win in damages in court vs. the settlement amount
  • What are the policy limits of the defendants insurance policy

We're Here To Help You

There is No Cost To Speak To Us About Your Case

What Our Clients Say About Us

  • Lee W.

    I have never needed to "sue" anyone before, that is until I had been in a car accident causing me to be hospitalized for over 24 days, undergo 4 plus surgeries to my shoulder, and leave the hospital with bills that cost more than some people's homes. When it came time to seek counsel, I had done my homework. I did not want to be associated with those accident attorneys who are on TV promising big financial results in a small amount of time. Joel came highly recommended, one of my family members, who just happens to be a District Judge, recommended that I speak to Joel Levine. At our first meeting he made me feel a lot more comfortable with the situation, he explained to me the process of filing suit against the responsible party, and he assured me that he would keep in constant contact with me explaining as we went. He did just that!!! It was very easy to get ahold of him either by his office phone, cell phone, or email. Currently we have been able to close 1 part of this case, and he did all of the negation for me to the insurance companies (both auto, and health), as well as to the hospital to come up with an appropriate settlement number. If I am ever put in this type of situation again (which I do not wish to be), Joel Levine will definitely be my first choice of representation!!!

We're Here To Help You

There is No Cost To Speak To Us About Your Case

About The Firm

Law Office of Joel A. Levine

1515 W. Koenig Lane Suite 100 Austin, TX 78756

We Fight For You

We’ve all heard the expression that everyone deserves a fair day in court. We don’t believe that a person’s wealth or intelligence should have anything to do with their right to justice.

If you have been harmed, you deserve compensation. And if insurance companies are using your inexperience to keep your hard-earned money, then you deserve someone with experience and tenacity to get it back.

Our firm exists because we want to help you fight the bad guys, but we know you can’t do it alone. You need people who know the system, the jargon, the rules, so we can beat corporations at their game and give you the outcome you deserve.

Joel A. Levine

Joel Levine was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, and graduated from the University of Texas-Austin with a Bachelors Degree in Government and a certificate in Business Foundations. He then attended South Texas College of Law in Houston, Texas, from which he received his juris doctorate in 2008. After graduating law school, Mr. Levine began working at Walker Bright PC where he defended insurance companies against personal injury claims. After 5 years at Walker Bright PC, Mr. Levine decided to open his own law firm with the goal of defending individuals against large corporations. As a former insurance defense attorney, Mr. Levine has firsthand insight into how the opposing parties operate and will work hard to effectively negotiate your claim. He is a member of the Texas Bar Association and is admitted to practice law in all Texas state, county and district courts.

Daniel Smith

Daniel is a proud Austinite. He left Austin to attend the University of California Santa Barbara, and then taught English for a year in Granada, Spain before returning home to attend the University of Texas School of Law. His last year of law school he attended University of Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain where he received a L.L.M. and drafted a thesis on the differences in consumer arbitration in the E.U and the United States.

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There is No Cost To Speak To Us About Your Case
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